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The fireflies that embellish the trees

Based on a tradition of the Matlatzinca community, the idea of this project is to keep alive indigenous languajes in Mexico.

English Version

The Fireflies that Embellish the Trees Mi grandfather used to tell me that, when rain season started in June, fireflies arrived with it.They made the trees happy so people’s hearts also shined.All of this during Saint Peter’s Day.The chimer rang the church’s bell loudly while the fireflies, lead by torches, arrived to to the trees to make them happy with their little lights. Trees forgot about sadness and beard fruit.The people in town kept singing until torches were extinguished or fireflies stopped shinning. Then the night was dark but the trees were healed.Now, the absence of the chants and ocotes has made the trees sad again, but it’s our job to light the torches again, sing to Saint Peter and make our hearts shine along the fireflies to make the trees happy again.

Credits Traduction: Daniel Díaz Locution: Ma. de Jesús Díaz García Ilustrator: Flavia Zorrilla Drago

Direction and Production: COMBO

Animation: COMBO / Gerardo Cotera

Music: Aar'on Flores Wetback

Audio Design: Igor Figueroa

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