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Leila Wayward is a little witch who excels at everything she does. She’s the fastest flier, the most cunning conjuror, and the best shape-shifter. She has won trophies for potions, herbology, and alchemy—and now she dreams of winning the Magnificent Witchy Cake-off! As the youngest in a long line of powerful experts in the Dark Arts of Patisserie, Leila wants her entry to be perfect. But even with the most bewitching of recipes, she realizes a terrible truth: she’s a disaster in the kitchen. Luckily, Leila has three magical sisters who are happy to share their culinary secrets with her.

This story is about something that I have to constantly keep reminding to myself: enjoying the process rather than focusing on the results.

Order a copy at your favourite indie bookshop in the US, or in the UK.  Or wherever books are sold.


Publishing date: 12th July 2022.

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