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In 2013, Hermès organised a workshop in association with ENSAD (France’s École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs) in Paris. Students were immersed in the life of the house of Hermès and introduced to this year’s theme: la flânerie, that deliciously French art of strolling, aimless yet eager and aware, open to whatever comes your way. A concept evoked to perfection in Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s autobiographical Confessions:


‘J’aime à m’occuper de faire des riens… I love to busy myself with nothing at all, to begin a hundred things at once and finish none, to come and go as the mood takes me, to change my plans at each and every moment, to track the haste and bustle of a passing fly, to heave a rock from the soil, merely to see what lies beneath…’


Three winning designs were selected in January 2014.

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